Police Discarding Legal Rights? You May Want to Consult a Lawyer!

Police Discarding Legal Rights? You May Want to Consult a Lawyer!

Police questioning can be a scary experience. If you have been arrested then you already know that your life is in danger and this will take place in front of several police officers who are equipped to arrest anybody for any reason. You may not be able to refuse a police questioning but it is your right to remain silent. However, if you choose to speak with the police then there are certain rights that you must know and follow.


It is your right to remain silent during the entire police questioning process. If you are asked any questions, you have the right to remain silent. You also have the right to record any statements you make under oath if you so choose. You have the right to ask any questions related to your attorney or lawyer as well. You also have the police’s responsibility to provide you with an attorney if you need one.

The lawyer that you hire will fight on your behalf to protect you from shady police questioning tactics that are used by police departments in your area. This type of tactic is used to get people to admit guilt without taking their word on the facts. You have a right to an attorney. This is why you must take your police questioning seriously and hire a reputable lawyer.

The police can never ask you questions that are under oath. They cannot lie to you either. You do have a right to a lawyer if you are being questioned under oath. A police department can only use questioning tactics that are found in the penal code. There are several ways that police can illegally spy on you without your permission or knowledge such as planting drugs inside of a bag, rummaging through your trash, videotaping you without your consent, and so much more.


When the police arrive at your home to question you, they may want to search your personal belongings. This includes your wallet, briefcase, and vehicle. They will also want to check the areas that are outside your home such as the garage and driveway. This is why it is important to have a lawyer before giving them any of your personal information or possessions. If you have not hired a lawyer yet, then it is time for you to do so. You should never answer questions without first speaking to a lawyer.

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Other Important Issues

A lawyer has rights just like any other citizen. These rights help law-abiding citizens defend themselves against police abuse. In addition, police cannot use any illegal tactics to interrogate you such as placing drugs in your system, threatening you with jail, accusing you of crimes, falsely accusing you of criminal activity, or so much more. If you feel the police have used any of these tactics during an interrogation, then you have the right to a lawyer. You should also remember that police cannot use any kind of force against you.

You may be afraid to consult a lawyer because you do not know if you will be believed or even taken seriously. If you feel they are unfair to you, then you may want to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. It is better to fight for your rights than to walk away empty-handed.

The police are only following the rules that were put into place by the state. This means police cannot use any tactics to get you to say anything they want to say. They are only allowed to use the methods that are found in the penal code. If you feel the police have used any of these tactics, then you should consult a police questioning lawyer as soon as possible.

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