Criminal Lawyers Help You With Drug Charges and Disorderly person Offenses

Criminal Lawyers Help You With Drug Charges and Disorderly person Offenses

Drug charges can seriously damage your life and future. Defending drug charges can prove to be complicated and frustrating. But there are ways to protect yourself in court, get the charges against you dismissed, or even gain probation if the case goes to trial. Here are several options for how to defend drug charges.


You can hire a drug charges lawyer. These lawyers specialize in drug charges and can often have successfully defended clients who have been accused of possession or cultivation of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other drugs. But there are some serious limitations to this type of legal strategy.

First, you may not be successful at defending your drug charges because drug crimes are considered federal offences. Unless you can prove that the police were wrong in arresting you, there is little chance that you can get your charges thrown out. And even if you can, there is a good chance that additional criminal charges will be filed against you after you have been found innocent through the help of a drug charges lawyer.

A good drug charges lawyer will fight for your innocence and work hard on your behalf. He or she will build a strong defence case by investigating the credibility of the police officer who searched. The most effective defence strategy is to challenge the legality of the search using scientific methods like DNA testing and examining the blood samples from the suspect. The conviction and sentence can also be thrown out if the defendant can prove that the substance was obtained legally over the counter from a drug store.

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Possible Penalties

The penalties range from mandatory jail sentences to heavy fines. Some states have already adopted similar measures, while others are considering making their penalties even stricter. A criminal lawyer can advise his clients on how to use the federal sentencing options to reduce their penalties.

Drug possession charges and drug trafficking charges are usually tried in state court, but federal charges can still be brought against a defendant. If the defendant is convicted of the first offence, he may be sentenced to community service, probation, or incarceration. The second offence brings a stiffer punishment. The maximum penalties for first and second offences are five years and eight years in state prison, respectively. The penalties for the third and fourth offences increase to fifteen years and twenty years in state prison, respectively.

Some state laws allow for enhanced penalties for repeat drug offenders and for those who have previous convictions for crimes such as narcotics possession, conspiracy, theft, drunken driving, and murder. Some states consider marijuana to be an illegal drug, whereas other states tolerate it. For example, California considers recreational marijuana to be illegal under Proponents believe it is not harmful, while opponents argue that it is highly addictive. Whichever state or county you are charged in, a qualified criminal lawyer can help you make decisions about your future and your legal rights.

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